Founder's Note



"Prahna brings together our passion for good food and good health. With good health as our North Star, we embarked on a journey to find the most nutrient rich superfoods for ourselves, our families, and you.
Through our extensive travel and research, we found that simple ingredients consumed every day could have life changing health benefits, as long as they were grown with care, sourced directly to minimize adulteration, and used appropriately. It became our mission to search out the pockets where farmers were committed to the highest quality organically farmed products, and where the climate and soil type was perfect for specific nutrients.
This journey led us to Meghalaya where we discovered turmeric that had the highest naturally occurring curcumin content (4X nutritional value and immunity boosting properties of regular turmeric). From here we developed a farm to table supply chain to minimize risk of adulteration and created flavorful products with all-natural ingredients. With Prahna, we’ve taken great care to select only the best partner farmers, source directly from farms, and create products that pack a power punch of nutrition and flavour. With minimal processing and all-natural ingredients, Prahna is our way to deliver PURE GOODNESS to you.

So, we’d like to welcome you to take this step with us and we sincerely hope that our offerings bring you and your loved ones the joy of good health. "
- Rupin & Sachit