• The turmeric I ordered smells different. Is that okay?

Yes, because it is as nature intended. The high curcumin content and minimal processing leads to a more potent aroma. Our turmeric isn't processed into a standardized product the color and smell of each batch may vary slightly. This is only because Prahna is committed to bringing you the most fresh, non standardized products possible.


  • How much of the milk mix should I put in one serving?

We recommend taking about a tablespoon (10.5 grams) of the mix and mixing it in your choice of milk.  Please be assured that there is no right or wrong way. you can alter the dosage as your taste buds permit. We only recommend this dose because it gives up to 50% of your daily required dose of curcumin.


  • How are our products made?

The harvested produce is first inspected at source. Our turmeric will be tested for curcumin content and any batch not qualifying the acceptable criteria is rejected. After that they are brought in from the farms to our facility where they are thoroughly cleaned and sorted. We manufacture the products in small batch sizes. This ensures maximum freshness and least amount of storage time before delivery to our customers.


  • What makes Prahna turmeric special?

Our Turmeric is sourced from select farms in the north east of India that have a rich legacy of farming tradition without chemical use. No Gmo's, No Chemical fertilizers and No pesticides. Simply put, This is the best turmeric in the world.
This knowledge is passed from generation to generation and is used to produce the high curcumin turmeric that Prahna uses for its products. 
  • How long does the product last?

The turmeric powder has a shelf life of 1.5 years while the milk mixes have a shelf life of a year. 
  • Where is the product available?

You can order our products from our webstore. We are also available across major e-retail platforms like Amazon and Flipkart and deliver pan India.
  • How much of the product should I consume in a day?

We recommend at least one tablespoon (10.5 gms) everyday ,as it delivers upto 50% of your daily required allowance of curcumin, to reap the benefits of Prahna's turmeric. However, we recognise that all bodies are different. Please choose the dosage as per your convenience.
  • What is a turmeric latte?

A turmeric Latte is another name for turmeric mixed with milk. It is the same as golden milk.


  • How many servings does a pack of the milk mix contain?

A 155gm pack of either of the mixes will contain 15 servings (approx.)


  • Can I drink the mix with Almond or any other type of milk?

Yes, our mixes can be used with any milk of your choice. Our mixture is completely vegan friendly and gluten free.


  • What if I have Nut allergies, can I use the product then?

The pure turmeric and the Vanilla Cardamom is safe for use. Since almond is a nut and a primary ingredient in one of the mixes we strongly advise that anyone with nut allergies NOT use this particular product.


  • How do I store my turmeric/ Milk Mix?

Don't Worry. We have you covered. Our tins are air tight and safe for storage of our product. Please make sure you keep the tin away from water or moisture. Store the tin in a clean and dry place away from direct sunlight.


  • Is it normal for my turmeric mixes to get clumpy?

Yes it is normal for the product to clump as we do not add any anti coagulents to our products. Just stir well and the mix should work absolutely perfectly.


  • There are sediments left at the bottom of my cup after drinking. Is that normal?

Yes, this is normal. We do not grind our turmeric to a superfine powder as the longer the grind the less nutritious the final product. So don't leave that last bit, scoop it up because that's where the goodness is.