Navratri Special Turmeric Rabri With Prahna's Lakadong Turmeric

Be the perfect host this festive season by serving your guests this delightful Turmeric Rabri. Recipe by Chef Neha Lakhani


Full fat milk

3 Kg

Cardamom powder

½ tsp


150 gm

Chopped almonds

½ cup
Saffron 7-8 strands
Prahna Vanilla Cardamom Turmeric Powder 1 tsp



  1. Boil the milk with saffron and Prahna vanilla turmeric powder n cardamom on really slow flame n keep scraping the sides till it evaporates to 90 percent n turns into a thick malai looking texture. This may take upto an hour or more.
  2. Once reduced completely - add sugar n slightly mix, let the sugar melt
  3. Take it off the flame and add chopped almonds or even cashews if you like.
  4. Serve with jalebi, or eat just like that.
  5. Tastes great with plain paratha Too.




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